So I finally made it…

After months, no, years of mulling over starting a blog, I have decided to take the plunge. Why so long?

I wanted to write about all things I am passionate about, but that seems to be, generally, a big no-no, unless you want to end up talking to yourself and 
and a handful of long-suffering friends and family, who will indiscriminately applaud your every half-decent effort.

Reading around, everyone talks about writing what you are passionate about…but, I am passionate about travel and sustainability… and animals… and music… and art… and food… and wellbeing…and self- development… and making a difference… See what I mean?

But then I read a really smart piece of advice by Maya Elious in her article “What To Do When You Want To Blog About More Than One Topic”

“Multi topic blogs work best when the overall purpose is clear.”

It was at this point that the fog cleared and an emotional memory came to surface…

Today is my cousin’s 50th Birthday. He is my emotional rock and safe harbour and my sadness not to be there to surprise him with a big fishing birthday cake is endless, but a chest infection, more persistent than expected at first, stopped my intentions and I broke my promise to be there for his special celebration.

But what does my cousin have to do with my starting a blog?

There is much healing to be done in my backyard and caring for oneself, we are able to open up more to those around us and to new experiences, new adventures. It is exactly my cousin’s wisdom that has identified where my healing ought to take place.

This blog is as much about me and learning self-love, as it is satisfying my inner need to make a difference to others, to the world, to you.

To start learning to overcome my inner, as well as outer pain, he had asked me to remember a time when I was a little girl and to take care of her, love her and teach her to smile from the inside…

So now I know. The purpose of this blog is to seek nourishment for self-love by writing about subject matter that makes me happy, helps me learn, heal, but with the goal of helping others…which makes me happy again.

It is an adventure, so it’s rather exciting and a touch scary. No. Make that ‘quite a bit scary’, but fun!



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